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  • Listening to: ASP - Schwarzes Blut
  • Reading: something
  • Watching: Bones <3
  • Playing: Minesweeper
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: Icetea
Hell yes,
the last few weeks had been very stresfull, I'm glad they're over now :D
Sometimes I hadn't even time to sleep ö_Ö!! I hope that it will be better. ^^
Not at all, I know, but what's comming up now seems okay to me.
Maybe I'll have more free-time to draw something new, I also want to colorate
Niorr and Mellony.
In December I'll spend a few weeks at my old primary school to work with
the kids in the afternoon. I'm happy looking forward to that. It'l be very
funny and Lena and I will do a lot of creative stuff with them :)
I'm not very good in doing handicrafts, but that will change - I hope :)
So far ~
  • Listening to: dir en grey - kodon
  • Reading: a book! :D
  • Watching: streams
  • Playing: world of warcraft
  • Eating: cookies <3
  • Drinking: coke
wohoooo :D

my parents aren't at home the whole weekend so I can do everything I want harr harr xD
thought I should try to connect my pc to my dad's tv and playing some games on his 42" flat tv ^^ it'll be great :D

I'll also ending some new pictures I started in school while we had some free lessons. there're so many new ideas so I can't decide where to start xD and I wanted to start a new story of Tharyion argh :( need more time to do all these things! ^^
  • Listening to: apollo 440 - stop the rock
  • Reading: messages
  • Watching: tv
  • Playing: world of warcraft
  • Eating: chewing gum
  • Drinking: coke
my influenca is still by my side, but it's okay, i feel much better since the last few days now and i hope it will keep it on xD

today i uploaded some new drafts i made in school, i hope you'll like them =)
  • Listening to: dire straits - money for nothing
  • Reading: a book
  • Watching: youtube stuff
  • Playing: world of warcraft
  • Eating: chewing gum
  • Drinking: water
i'm tired...
thought thats because of my bronchitis -.-
but i also can't sleep so i tried to colorate a little bit but it doesn't make fun.
pherhaps i shoul trying to slepp but i also know that i won't can...